Our History


Since its inception in 1960, Green Forest has been supplying high-quality milled goods and cedar fencing products to contractors, distributors, and retail customers. Operating in Northern Minnesota near the Canadian border, Green Forest is situated at the southern edge of the North American boreal forest – a perfect location for our sustainable practices.

In addition to locally-sourcing responsibly harvested northern white cedar, Green Forest takes sustainability a step further. As only the lower portion of each tree is used for lumber and fencing products, many mills burn any remaining materials; conversely, Green Forest makes sure nothing goes to waste. From utilizing manufacturing by-products like sawdust to heat our facility, to creating mulch and landscaping products from branches and bark, to selling the tops of the trees to log furniture manufacturers, we use every piece of the tree right down to the last twig.

With more than sixty years of serving our customers, our family-owned business is well-positioned to ensure we can keep serving them for many generations to come.